What parents are saying

“As a black woman who grew up in Berkeley and graduated from BUSD schools and is a current teacher, Ka'Dijah brings a wealth of experience that benefits ALL children.”  
Washington Elementary
“Reichi Lee is a connector. I’ve seen her bring together youth and educators to improve the situation for all. Reichi’s approach is data-driven, and she values learning from the stories and experiences of those impacted most by policy.”
Malcolm X
“Ka’Dijah will be independent and forward thinking.”
Berkeley High
"I think Reichi's passion for advocating for higher standards for our children so they can be prepared for higher education and the working world is exactly what we need."
Willard Middle

The Berkeley Parents Union has one mission: to amplify the parent voice.

Since many Berkeley voters do not have or no longer have children in Berkeley Public Schools, Berkeley Parents Union (BPU) can help them vote for school board leaders who have a track record of fighting to ensure kids receive the highest quality education, safest school environment, and the highest quality enrichment and other services our kids deserve.


Academic excellence is possible

We believe in the mission of the Berkeley Unified School District to enable and inspire our diverse student body to achieve academic excellence and make positive contributions to our world.


Our elected officials must be accountable

We believe together, we can elect officials who will be accountable for prioritizing the needs of students.


Community diversity is essential

We value the diversity of our community. Parent Union members have a variety of viewpoints — all with the same goal — to ensure all children receive a quality public education.

Our kids depend on us.

As families with kids in our schools, who better to help voters understand which school board candidate will help our children the most? The PTAs cannot express opinions in elections, but we can!

We are asking you to take 2 minutes to join the BPU because your input will determine the candidates that get BPU endorsement. Berkeley voters need to know who parents choose to shape the future of our schools.
Amplify the parent voice to help us live BUSD's mission for excellence.

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